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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping and delivery are handled by a third-party company, which will confirm the schedule with the customer. LTL deliveries are shrink-wrapped on pallets. The shipping charge covers one delivery attempt; extra fees apply for failed deliveries. The customer or their representative must be present to inspect and sign off, noting any issues. 


Shipping & Delivery Details

Shipping and delivery may take place by a third-party delivery company. Seller or third-party delivery company will confirm delivery schedule with Customer. 

Delivery services may include Third Party LTL Delivery Service – All LTL orders are packaged in individual boxes, placed on a pallet and shrink wrapped. Shipping charges cover only one delivery attempt, and additional shipping and handling fees will be applied for delivery failure due to Customer.

The Customer must be present to receive, inspect, and sign off on delivery. If the Customer designates a representative to receive, inspect, and sign off on delivery, the Customer remains responsible for that representative’s judgments. Any missing or incorrect items, shortages, Product damages, or packaging damage, must be notated on the Seller’s Packing List(s) or Driver’s BOL (bill of lading) document. Freight Claims for damaged items must be reported/filed within three (3) business days of receipt. Please contact Customer Service at to request an RMA form to file a claim. See Return Policy.

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