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Fairfax Kitchen Cabinets


No Products may be returned by the Customer to the Seller without first obtaining a Returned Materials Authorization (“RMA”). An RMA may be requested by the Customer for the return of:

  1. Undamaged Standard Order Products - An RMA for undamaged standard order Products to be returned is subject to a twenty five percent (25%) restocking fee. If the Company is required to pick up the Products, the Customer will also be responsible for associated pick-up fees.

  2. Damaged or Defective Products - An RMA for damaged Products to be returned must be requested within three (3) business days of the Products’ delivery or pick up. The Seller, in its sole discretion, may provide a replacement part or may provide a replacement Product in its entirety. Expedited shipping is NOT available for replacement parts. The Seller will not be responsible for any labor costs incurred during installation due to Products that may have been flawed or damaged in transit.

  3. Certain Products may NOT be returned, including:

  • ASSEMBLED cabinets 

  • Glass package, molding, filler, panel and accessory Products

  • Special order or custom Products

The Seller reserves the right to determine the method by which damaged or defective Product issues will be resolved. The Seller further reserves the right to deny a defective product RMA request if it determines, in its sole discretion, that the defect is within a normal tolerance.

The Seller may also deny a damaged Product RMA request in its sole discretion if it believes the Seller, it’s supplier, or it’s shipping agent were not the source of the damage. 

All returned Products must be returned in the original Product packaging within five business days of the approved RMA request.

For RMA requests, questions, or concerns, please contact us in writing at

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