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Replacement Policy

All Replacement orders must be authorized by Customer Service. Photographs may be required to process return. Please refer to the Limited Liability Warranty for more information or contact Customer Service at


Replacements of Products

Shortage on Delivery: The Delivery Agent AND the Customer are responsible for checking the bill of lading, and/or packing slip, and noting any shortages. If an order is found to be incomplete, the Customer will contact Fairfax Kitchen Cabinets (FKC) Customer Service to order the required replacement. The Delivery Agent will note shortage but will not place re-order. A no-charge “rush” replacement order will be processed by Customer Service and will be shipped on the next available truck in the Customer’s area.


Freight Damage: Customer is solely responsible to check order upon receipt to determine if any delivery damage has occurred. In the event of damage, the Customer will submit a Returned Materials Authorization Form (RMA) with FKC Customer Service. NOTE: Any pictures that can accompany order will help expedite replacement order. Customer Service will determine if the item will be returned to the manufacturer or if it is field-destroyed based on information gathered. The Seller does not take responsibility for received and installed product(s) as it relates to freight damage. See Return Policy.


Defective Product: The Customer is responsible for checking the order to determine if there is any defective product. Customer will report defects to FKC Customer Service for product replacement. Customer has 3 days (from date of delivery) to report defective products.


Defective Product Replacement: Seller reserves the right to determine the most cost effective and efficient method to correct defective merchandise that does not involve total replacement. Example: replace a door – not the entire cabinet or minor touch-up to the cabinetry. Final adjustments of the doors, hinges and drawers are common and are not considered defective. Defective cabinets, parts and pieces will be replaced on a “Rush” basis.


Climate Considerations: The Customer acknowledges that dry wood undergoes small changes in dimension with normal changes in relative humidity. More humid air will cause slight swelling and drier air will cause slight shrinkage. These changes are not considered defective. Manufacturer wood components are dried, stored and assembled in a controlled environment to minimize dimensional changes after the product leaves the factory. This means the moisture content in our products is controlled to work optimally in most US locations. If Product is installed (or stored for an extended time period) in an area with high humidity or in a building without air-conditioning, the Customer can expect cabinet components to change dimensionally. 


Warped Doors: There are three reasons why cabinet doors may warp or appear warped:

  1. Doors may warp a small amount soon after installation because cabinets are taken from a controlled factory environment and placed in a different environment. Warped doors will generally straighten out after a new home (and reconstruction) goes through a complete heating and cooling season. Seller requires that doors go through a complete heating and cooling season before replacements are considered.

  2. Improperly installed cabinets can cause doors to appear warped. Seller requires that doors be tested for warp before replacements are considered.

  3. Improperly adjusted hinges can cause doors to appear warped. A hinge adjustment will improve the fit of the door. Seller requires the door hinges to be properly adjusted before replacements are considered.


Cabinet Wood Species and Finish: The Customer acknowledges that wood is a product of nature and is affected by climate, soil nutrients, growing season, season of harvest and age at harvest. Wood contains natural imperfections that are part of its appeal and character. Every piece of wood—even within the same tree—is slightly different in color, texture and grain from every other piece. All wood species and finishes should avoid long term exposure to moisture. Cabinet finishes also have variations because they are applied to wood products that are not perfectly consistent. Please see our Cabinet Care page for more information.

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