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"Drawing on our extensive expertise with interior design and custom cabinetry, we simplify the cabinetry design process for professionals and homeowners, ensuring precision and ease in every project."

About Us

Shaped through the lens of an interior design firm.

With our background in interior design, and custom cabinetry, we have the proven systems to streamline the arduous process of cabinetry design. Here at Fairfax Kitchen Cabinets (FKC) we offer our many years of experience in the industry to local builders, contractors, architects, developers, interior designers, industry-related professionals, and now, to homeowners!

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We make cabinetry design simple for professionals and homeowners.
We take care of the details, ensuring every project is precise and hassle-free.


Collaborate with us to bring your cabinetry visions to life. Our wide selection ensures you'll find the perfect styles while also providing samples for your clients. By collaborating with our firm, you can increase your profit on cabinets and utilize our team of experts as an extension of your own, maximizing your time and enhancing your designs. Schedule a showroom visit to learn more!


Partner with us to streamline your construction process while making money. We handle all the design details directly with your clients, ensuring they receive the best service and solutions. This allows you to focus solely on the labor, earning extra income with ease. Reach out today and discover how our dedication and reliability can enhance your contracting business.


Discover the benefits of working with us for your home renovation. As a homeowner, you'll enjoy discounted prices thanks to our wholesale production. Our design experts will offer solutions for design layouts, color selections, and workflow, ensuring your space is beautifully functional. Plus, you'll have a trusted, experienced partner to guide you through every step of the process. 

Our Services

With unlimited combinations of layouts, construction, door styles, paint and stain finishes, we know that the process of kitchen design can be challenging!


As designers, we can be trusted to help make these decisions for your project, giving you the time and energy to focus on the other aspects, like construction management, quality control, etc.  Not only will we assist in the design of the cabinetry, we will also source and deliver all products to the final job site. 

We are here to design, procure, and secure your cabinetry needs! With FKC, you can let your imagination be matched by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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