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We are often asked what is the difference between the two cabinetry lines that we carry.


To put it simply, FOREVERMARK is our most cost-effective line that is mostly used by builders, flippers, and for quick-solution projects. We mostly sell the flat white shaker cabinetry from this collection. Sizing options are limited and configurations are centered around the available standard cabinet sizes. However, because this comes standard with soft-close doors and drawers, we have comfortably installed these in residential kitchens with home values exceeding $1.2mil. 

SHOWPLACE is our semi-custom line--that nearly acts a custom cabinetry solution. There are 200+ standard Sherwin Williams colors that can be applied as a standard paint-grade finish, along with options for weathered and rustic looks. With this line you can change the actual species of the wood, the interior drawer boxes, easily customize sizing, mix and match face profiles, add decorative moldings, and so much more. We do not recommend this as a quick solution, and neither do we suggest rushing the design process. This is a well-built cabinetry line and we offer a showing of this line in our Fairfax office: 
9926 Main Street, Suite 201, Fairfax, VA 22031.

FINAL THOUGHTS: If you're looking for a quick-solution, both in design and cabinetry lead time, go with FOREVERMARK.

For more elaborate and custom solutions, with a budget to match, go with SHOWPLACE. 

See below for additional details...



Wood / Surfaces

Lead Times

Overlay Options

Face Frames

Cabinet Tops & Bottoms

Cabinet Sides

Cabinet Back Panel

Cabinet Interior

Door Center

Door Styles




Standard Base Depth

Standard Wall Depth

Finish Offerings

Convenience Accessories

(others can be added)

Modifications / Custom Options

Manufacturing Location



Solid Birch / Eucalyptus Grandis

Approx. Two(2) Weeks

Full Overlay with butt doors

3/4" solid birch or eucalyptus grandis

1/2" A-Grade plywood with wood veneer

1/2" A-Grade plywood with wood veneer

1/2" Plywood

Matches door color

MDF with birch veneer


Soft-close and full extension drawer glides (concealed)

Dovetail solid wood 5/8" sides and 1/2" plywood bottom

3/4" A-Grade plywood with wood veneer

Concealed 6-way adjustable soft close



Sherwin Williams (17 standard)

Waterborne UV finish available in 6 styles

Base cabinet roll tray (1)

Waste basket pullout drawers (2)



2 or 5 year limited warranty


Solid Red Oak, Hickory/Rustic Hickory, Paint Grade, Rustic Alder, Maple, Cherry Quartersawn White Oak, and Walnut

Twelve-Fourteen (12-14) Weeks from order date

Traditional, International+, Beaded Inset, Flush Inset,

Frameless (EVO), Partial Overlay

3/4" thick hardwood (select)

1/2" Plywood

1/2" Plywood (3/4" flush end upgrade)

1/4" Printed MDF

Light maple printed urethane coated surface, Veneer interior upgrade, Natural wood interior upgrade

Solid hardwood


Blum soft-close and full-extension drawer glides (concealed), Dovetailed 5/8" solid hardwood box and 1/4" plywood UV bottom

3/4" Engineered wood with plywood option

Blum soft-close 6-way adjustable hinges



Sherwin Williams, Stains, Paints (standard and colorselect custom), Sheen, Character Stains, Slab Surfaces/EVO, Glazes, Vintage, Weathered, SpecialtyWoods, Distressed

Drawer Inserts (7), Base Cabinet Roll Trays (8), Corner Cabinet Solutions (6), Waste Basket Pullout Drawers (5), Accessibility Solutions (7)


South Dakota, USA

Limited lifetime warranty

FOREVERMARK:   View Collection! 


SHOWPLACE:  View Collection!


SUGGESTED RETAIL = $​18,578.00

YOUR COST = $4,881.81

Ice White Shaker

RETAIL = $​25,591.24

YOUR COST = $14,982.65

Pendleton Doors/Drawers,

Please feel free to reach out with additional questions, comments, or concerns. 

We are here to help!  :)

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